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The philosophy


Vitis Philosophiae, the same as Viteterapia ®

Tauleto Vitis Philosophiae is something which goes far beyond simple wine therapy. It is a much broader idea of wellness that embraces the vine as a whole. Not only do the extremely precious grape polyphenols found within a vineyard have beneficial properties for the skin. There are bioflavonoids and anthocyanins, extracted from the leaves and sap of the vine, as well as the precious trace elements and mineral salts (magnesium, silicon, and phosphorus) contained in soil of the vineyard in order not to forget the intoxicating fragrance released by the bouquet of scents in a glass of Tauleto red wine.

“It is said that nature has all the answers, but we seem to have stopped listening. Our idea was to take the active ingredients from the powerful vine, to transmit new energy to our skin. The result is Tauleto SPA, a vine Therapy that puts well-being first, of which beauty is a simple consequence. These are the ingredients that perform the miracle: Polyphenols: the most powerful polyphenol extracted from the grape is Resveratrol, an anti-oxidant, anti-ageing agent that work against the loss of elasticity, wrinkles and age spots. Vitamin A, C and E. We are used to eating them but absorbed through the skin, vitamins protect, combat aging and restore elasticity and reduce wrinkling. Mineral salts: they regenerate, fight ageing, remineralize and protect”

Giuliana Cesari

Vine Therapy ® – The philosophy

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