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Tauleto SPA Brulè – Bevanda a base di succo di d’uva BIO

All the goodness of polyphenols in a sip.

Since ancient times, great beneficial capabilities have been recognized in mulled wine. Thanks to the action of tannins, in fact, it was and still is an effective remedy in some seasonal illnesses, such as colds. For this reason, Tauleto Spa offers Tauleto Mulled Wine, a non-alcoholic beverage with an organic grape juice base enhanced with the aroma of cinnamon and cloves. Thanks to the numerous active ingredients, this product performs various actions: antioxidant, the polyphenol content in the Tauleto grape helps slow down the aging of skin cells, purifying, chicory extracts, dandelion and couch grass give the skin a new light, draining, the properties of birch and cherry contribute to the elimination of excess fluid and reduces swelling, the blackberry helps blood circulation making legs less swollen and lighter. A hot cup of Tauleto Mulled Wine is an ideal way to complete well-being after a relaxing and invigorating massage. A 30-40 day treatment helps fight water retention and body detoxification.


Out of stock

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